Friday, 24 April 2009


And yes, the obvious thing to do after a post about Blank Dogs and another one about Dum Dum Girls was to talk about the project they both have in common and could one day beat their one-person bands in popularity. If Blank Dogs is dark, noisy and full of synths from the past and Dum Dum Girls songs are pop-punk Vivian Girls style they go somewhere else when they are together: They reduce the tempo and the noise to clean up the melody into a shinny and optimistic twee pop very K Records that makes the whole thing more accessible than anything they've done before.
If the non-stop creativity of these two workaholics was enough with their multiple releases they publish outside The Mayfair Set it looks they will not slowdown and will also be extremely productive here. This is their first ever release together published a couple of months ago but they already have plans to take out more singles for Woodsist, Zoo Music and, yes, Slumberland and a LP at some point this year. Keep on checking their myspace for future information.

The Mayfair Set - Desert Fun.mp3


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