Friday, 24 April 2009


It looks that the one-member bands are the thing to be this year. The advance in technology has made suitable for everyone the possibility of creating and recording sounds from home with not much equipment and then put it online so everybody, no matter where you are, can enjoy your music and even leave you instant feedback. And Zola Jesus is yet another example of this situation coming from a random place in Wisconsin and having published four releases in less than a year. She's a kind of a noisy lo-fi Siouxsie meets young PJ Harvey in hell using lots and lost and lots of feedback that makes Wavves sound clean in comparison. Blues, post-punk and no-wave for the new millennium. This 7" single released at the end of last year is a good representation of her sound. While Soeur Sewer is more bluesy and clean and can even remind you the Cocorosie sisters, Odessa, the other song on the record, is darker than anything you can imagine, full of noise, feedback and weird distorted voices. And check as well if you can find them her other releases: another single, a 12" and a CDR soon to be published on vinyl. And if you still aren't completely afraid after listening her stuff you should know that she mentions another project called Zola Judas that sounds like it should be the evil brother of this one. Sick.
If you still doubted it, LO-FI IS BACK!

Zola Jesus - Soeur Sewer.mp3


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