Friday, 3 April 2009


We had to wait 20 years to see The Vaselines on stage again. Well, actually the "again" is kind of tricky as very few people saw them live or new about them before their break up. As everybody knows, their fame and mythification started when Nirvana covered them in several occasions and they become a cult band for everybody who was able to get a copy of any of their releases that were later compiled by Sub Pop in a couple of occasions and are going to be put together again next month in a exhaustive compilation adding more rarities never published before.
"Come backs" are sometimes scary but they proved to be correct and funny despite the freshness and amateurism is gone forever. The strange thing of it all is that this was their first gig in Europe for nearly twenty years and they didn't get to sold out the event in a moment in time it looks designed for them to come back.
I read the other day a review at The Times that said the public was not enthusiastic as they expected something more "grungy" and were disappointed to find out they were particularly twee and I couldn't disagree more. I just saw a Nirvana T-shirt around and don't think that after all these years anyone there but the The Times' reviewer had only heard the Nirvana interpretations.


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