Wednesday, 22 April 2009


And yet another mysterious project of a multi-releasing guy that seems he doesn't do anything else with his life apart from recording and recording highly lo-fi stuff and publish it in any format available with the most random and unknown labels. And yet another one-man-band from Brooklyn that seems the centre of the music world these days. With a similar spirit to Wavves (DIY, noisy, fast and badly recorded) but more inspired in the sounds of the beginning of the 80s, like an impossible demo recording of an imaginary band formed by members of The Cure and New Order circa 1982 with a singer unable to achieve any change of tone or show any melody skills. In not much more than a couple of years his discography is wider than that from bands around for decades and his identity is still unknown as he has always covered his face with masks, bandages or other stuff, which we know it always adds a bit of notoriety to a project.

Blank Dogs - Keeping All the Time.mp3

And new album to be released in May where he improves a bit the quality of the sound, collaborates with the likes of Crystal Stilts and Vivian Girls and removes his mask!!! Here you have a really catchy advance:

Blank Dogs - Tin Birds.mp3


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