Saturday, 11 April 2009


Here we have another unsigned band, this time from Berlin. Eagle Boston found international recognition thanks to the inclusion of one of their tracks into the revealing and recently published compilation from Emusic Selected + Collected an emusic selects compilation. Satan Highway is one of the best tracks of this sample mixing post-punk with disco, a lazy DIY disco that would fit perfectly into the Italians Do It Better catalogue. The song starts with a funk rhythm with bass, synths and reciting vocals reminding The Flying Lizards to little by little gaining more power and end up more like a no-wave / punk song. After listening to the tracks they have in their myspace, the only reference I could find online so far, I can feel that they seem more interested in exploding the dark side rather than the funk one and even being quite pop sometimes but hope more tracks are on the way.

Eagle Boston - Satan Highway.mp3


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