Friday, 24 April 2009


Acephale Records, the label that is proud to say that has Salem's I Smoke Crack 7" EP as their first reference, has recently put on the market their second, a much more friendly record from a guy from Montreal who swallows all the influences and genres to spit them in one of the best moments from 2009 so far: You Hear Colors. And you can actually hear them when you listen to this really inspired six minutes tune that convines italo, disco, nudisco, balearic, electronica, psychedelia and everything else using organic and electronic sounds, percusion, guitar, synths and other instruments and does not even need a voice to reach perfection. The B-side, Invitation to Love, is another six minutes tune more concentrated in the nudisco genre but also pretty enjoyable. he's also released a digital only EP called Panesian Nights where he goes more 80s electro and, although is not bad at all, never reaches the perfection of this single.
And look out the following releases from this label as they have Air France and Memory Cassette as signed members on their myspace.

Released 16/03/09

CFCF - You Hear Colours.mp3


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