Saturday, 4 April 2009


Slumberland Records has proved to be one of the labels to watch signing up interesting pop bands from both sides of the Atlantic and the funny thing is everybody thinks it's a new label but they actually started working as far as 1989 but they are currently living a golden age thanks to the fame some of their latest signings are getting. Sexy Kids are a band from Glasgow coming from the ashes of Royal We whom become one of the acts they've signed. I've always loved Glasgow and the bands coming from this city so maybe I'm not objective when it comes to admiring a new project from there, but the twee-pop of Sisters Are Forever has been non-stop in my record player and in my head as well. A stupid but killing punk-pop melody reminiscent of the first BIS and high pitched female vocals to jump and enjoy. The B side is less charming and direct but still perfect pop. This is their debut single and not information so far if they have any plans of releasing anything else soon as their myspace lacks any kind of information.

Released 24/11/08

Sexy Kids - Sister Are Forever.mp3


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