Friday, 24 April 2009


Dum Dum Girls is just one girl, Dee Dee, which I don't really understand as this sounds like a full band. Know the Vivian Girls? So yes, Dum Dum Girls should be as famous as they are as friendship is not the only thing she shares with them because she performs a kind of garage-punk version of 50s /60s girl bands as well. The melodies are even catchier than theirs and the voice more melodic. Longhair, Mercury Mary and Let It Be Me, the three songs in this already sold out 7" single are three beautiful pop songs really inspired in these old vocal bands or even The Ramones as they are filtered through punk noise. She also have a 12" record out (hurry up, not many copies left) and a lot of releases coming this year: a couple of 7" singles, some splits and her first LP at some point next Autumn, all of them with beautiful covers of girls and girls love. Everything published through the every time more interesting labels Zoo Music, Captured Tracks, Hozac and Art Fag home of, between others, Blank Dogs, Woods, Box Elders, Brilliant Colors or Crocodiles.

Dum Dum Girls - Longhair.mp3


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