Monday, 20 April 2009


Last 18th of April was the second edition of the Record Store Day, a day dedicated to celebrate and protect the traditional independent record shops around the world, an initiative thought and originated a couple of years ago in the USA than has achieved major international representation this year. Many shops around the world prepared different activities and free gigs and also distributed a bunch of limited "just for the day" releases, specially vinyl and 7 inch records. Here we have some of the most interesting ones I got that day:

Sonic Youth - Pay No Mind / Beck - Green Light 7" single

Two classic artists covering each other; two of their best songs and two really interesting covers. While Beck returns to his roots stripping it down to a guitar (that's the Beck I like the most) and tries to emulate acoustically the sonic landscapes of the end of the song, Sonic Youth make an original version of Beck's song incorporating their trademark of noises but respecting the quietness and intimacy of the original.

Jay Reatard - Hang Them All / Sonic Youth - No Garage 7" single

No covers here. Each of them hands in an original unreleased song, but fail to be at their best. Jay Reatard's is just fine and Sonic Youth's instrumental garage tune is pointless and boring.

Tindersticks - What Are You Fighting For? 7" single

Originally a one-side only tour single they sent the 90 copies left they had only available in shops for this day. Tindersticks have been for a long time most enjoyable in little doses. A beautiful classic Tindersticks ballad.

Tom Waits - Live 7" single

Lucinda / Ain't Goin' Down to the Well and Bottom of the World. Three songs compiled in Orphans before played live during the Glitter and Doom tour, only available here for the day.

Jane's Addiction - Mountain Song 7" single

Re-edition of the 1988 impossible to find single.

Magnolia Electric Co. - It's Made Me Cry 7" single

Exclusive four new pretty songs just to be released in this limited for the day single with charity purposes. Let's you with the feeling of wanting to listen their next album.

New Order - Temptation 7" single and The Stooges - 1969 7" single

Rhino reissues of the original singles

Akron / Family - Everyone Is Guilty 7" single

First single to come out of their next album with an unreleased b-side only available on tour. they explore new boundaries getting close to Stereolab.

Ebony Bones - The Muzik 7" single

Will receive full release later this year but exclusive for the day on Picture disc. I also had the opportunity of seeing her live with her band at Rough Trade East and I have to say it was amazing. Colorful, professional and enjoyable.

Record Toreism - V.A. LP

A Thrill Jockey compilation with new and unreleased tracks from Mountains, Trans Am or a song from the new Tortoise album to be in the shops later this year and sees them moving slightly to new territories.

Apart from these issues we were offered other releases by the likes of Bob Dylan, Grizzly Bear or Elvis Perkins, but they were not available everywhere.


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