Tuesday, 5 January 2010


The fact that this single, to be released next Monday, is going to be out through Transparent should be enough for you to get it and if I say you will like it if you did like previous Transparent singles by Small Black and Washed Out, you have the clue to pre-order it so, as it's been common for this label, it will only come out as a limited to 300 copies 7 inch single only available through one of the most exquisite record shops in the world, that's to say Pure Groove.
Active Child
, another icy pseudo-electronic one man band with atmospheric arrangements that remind of summer hot days as much as it does of winter cold ones, sings with his quite angelical voice as if he was waiting for puberty yet to arrive but with the knowledge and experience of a grown up man. She Was a Vision, his first single, has strings arrangements, 80s synths and power ballad drums and has the power of an hymn and the B side Voice of an Old Friend is in the same key. You can listen to a couple of remixes of these songs on his Myspace site that are pretty interesting as well (well, one is more a cover) not included in the single and more releases for this year are being prepared.

Active Child - She was a Vision.mp3


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