Saturday, 23 January 2010


There's no way that I'm going to introduce you to Washed Out. Last year's Life Of Leisure EP, High Times tape and Feel It All Around single were commented all over the place, even months before their release.
On the other side, Small Black, after putting out their first single Despicable Dogs and their first untitled EP, are starting to get their own cult now, even more taking into consideration that two of their live members are Pitchfork contributors.
That's why the release of this split single next Tuesday 26th where each band remixes a track of the other is a must have. It's been on pre-order for weeks at Lovepump United and, although they don't mention how many copies are available, they still accept orders. Anyway, if you live in the UK, they will soon have some copies at Pure Groove. The Washed Out remix of Despicable Dogs transforms the song into a melancholic spacey italo-influenced track, that's to say, into a Washed Out song. Haven't heard the Small Black take on Washed Out's You'll See It yet, so waiting impatiently to receive my copy.

Small Black - Despicable Dogs (Washed Out Remix.mp3


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