Thursday, 28 January 2010


When I started looking for information about USF (formerly known as Universal Studios Florida) I found out they are being linked to a supposedly new tag for some bands playing in Seattle called Chillwave. All right. Well, people love to create new genres and scenes as fast as bands try to get excluded from these genres and scenes. Some of them are internationally known and accepted but some of them are ridiculously baptised by publications in order to sell more magazines (remember nu-rave?). Anyway, I quite like how Chillwave sounds, although not sure is so representative of the bands they try to put together in. I have to say that The Wire's version of this supposedly new genre, hypnagogic pop, is even cooler, but so are they (to name experimental advance to new album Broadcast long EP best record of the year is out of the expectations anyone can have). And as the more popular a tag becomes, the more bands are linked to it, now we have articles online that also link bands like Washed Out, Neon Indian, Active Child or Memory Tapes to this genre, so basically any current band that uses synths.
Anyway, this post is about U.S.F., and how their first EP and first album published last year have been growing in popularity recently thanks to their mix of organic sounds and electronica. Think of a combination of shoegaze, IDM, dream-pop, ambient, drone and space music, mostly instrumental but sometimes with guest vocals from the likes of Alaskas or Blind Man's Colour. They prefer to call it Tropical-electronic music, which is another great tag anyway; I prefer to call it Post-Animal Collective music. You can call it whatever you want.
Here you have New Cub, maybe the song they are most famous for, from their first EP.

U.S.F. - New Cub.mp3


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