Friday, 22 January 2010


I was very happy to find out that an American band I've been listening to non-stop for the last weeks were about to publish a new 7" exclusively for the UK. The Seasons EP will be released next Friday 29th on Meal Deal Records, limited to 300 copies, including 5 great songs and for only £3.99. Although only one song here is new, the title track Seasons, it includes two of the best songs of their self-released CDR, soon to be re-released as a 10" on Chimney Sweep Records , Fall Straight Back and Able To, and the two tracks from the Split EP with Reading Rainbow, Secret Language and Electric Blue. The duo from Virginia, Nicole Yun and Daniel Cundiff, practice a kind of guitar pop that can remind you of Heavenly or The Pastels, simple and perfect pop melodies that never pass the 3 minutes of duration. Check as well the beautiful digital single for Beko and wait for the already recorded 14 songs first LP that they describe as a collection of longer and shorter songs and still doesn't have a release date or a label assigned. Here you have Secret Language which has a video from yesterday at the Eternal Summers blog:

Eternal Summers - Secret Language.mp3


Eternal Summers said...

thank you. this is the most accurate summary of what is going on with us! much appreciation!

Then God Is 7 said...

You are more than welcome and hope to see youu soon live in London.

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