Friday, 22 January 2010


His Clancyness jumped into blog fame last year thanks to his pseudo-acoustic and slowgazed tender version of Wavves' So Bored. From Canada, Jonathan Clancy put out his first release (now sold out) as a tape on Secret Furry Hole back in February. There, he combined acoustic guitars, mandolin, glock, synth, loops and organs and fuzz in 8 short and beautiful songs.
Lately, he's been sending some new songs to different blogs that share the same beauty but are further developed and arranged, sounding more like a band. No news if he has any new releases coming soon but the amount of new stuff appearing points at it, and we definitely hope it.
He's a friend of Banjo and Freak Out's Alessio and, although his music is much defined and less atmospheric, they kind of share the bedroom dreamy feeling and the DIY attitude. Mystify the Ocean is his last song to appear online and my favourite so far.

His Clancyness - Mistify The Ocean.mp3


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