Friday, 15 January 2010


Bridezilla released their first album last year, The First Dance, that was massively ignored although their inclusion at Nick Cave's curated ATP festival put them on the map. and they released this split 7" together with half Dirty Three project, Tren Brothers. The thing is that this single is already one year old but it looks like it came up swimming from Australia as it just arrived to Europe this month. Anyway, it's worth to comment as Bridezilla's song it's kind of a more atmospheric Blue Roses or a less atmospheric Grouper and you can see why people like The Dirty Three have paid them some attention as they use strings in a very similar way.
Tren Brother's Sometimes is more upbeat than what you can expect if you are familiar with the Dirty Three catalogue and has vocals from Caroline Kennedy-McCracken, a Melbourne multi-skilled artist. The song kind of reminds me of the later sounds of the sadly forgotten Movietone.
Out on Inertia Recordings and now available at Rough Trade.

Bridezilla - Forth & Fine.mp3


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