Friday, 15 January 2010


If you didn't have enough with the great three singles Best Coast put out at the end of last year, here we have another one coming out next Monday. In this case is a split single together with Jeans Wilder on the French / Canadian label Atelier Ciseaux, a label that puts a lot of effort in beautiful handmade packaging (check previous releases by Lucky Dragons or Francois Virot) this time made by Jeremy Perrodeau who reflects the beach and tropical sounds of the tracks on his artwork.
Jeans Wilder, who has (and will) put out some really interesting stuff in labels such as the previously commented on here La Station Radar, delivers a looped lo-fi tropical falsetto track, Tough Guy, that makes you wanna dance and smoke under the palm trees. Best Coast's Up All Night is a fuzzed up 60s style ballad in the key of Make You Mine.
The 7" limited to 350 copies is already not available on pre-sale but you can check early on Monday 18th for the possibility of a few copies left.
And check out as well the other forthcoming Best Coast single, Something in the Way, out in February on PPM.

Best Coast - Up All Night.mp3


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