Friday, 8 January 2010


After a very solid contribution in last year's split tape with the as well very promising Butchers, James or what is the same, Idiot Glee, from Lexington, Kentucky, is going to release his first proper EP, an untitled 7 on the new label Hop Hop. If the amateur recordings on the tape already pointed at beautiful vocal arrangements, 50s doo woop bands and minimal instrumentation, this single improves everything that could be suspected in his previous recordings thanks to a polished and cleaner production that works better with his music. Expect comparisons with Grizzly Bear (for the way he builds melodies around the vocals arrangements) and Beach House (for the way he adapts the music around the vocals) but Idiot Glee (not to confuse with that terrible series Glee, which is actually made by and for idiots anyway) is going to have a name of his own very soon as the four songs of this EP are already hardly shared and commented online.
I also look forward to see him live and see how he makes three or four layers of vocals just by himself or how he substitutes them with other arrangements.
Sorry, not original cover picture yet.

Idiot Glee - All Packed Up.mp3


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