Friday, 29 January 2010


Next to nothing is the information you can find online about this project, Boneless, a one man band, Isaac Knight from Nevada, who has released a digital single for Beko, sent some songs to some blogs around, released a free digital collaborative single with I Am The Dot, and have a soon to be released tape for Little Furry Things (home of previously blogged here U.S.F.) and also supposedly a self released EP called Friends.
Repetition, samples, cold sounds, loops, occasional voices and random noises...yes, we could say it's Chillwave if you want to use this tag and are not afraid of blushing or sounding too self-conscious. But anyway, it sounds as cold as it sounds warm, so at least it shares this characteristic with other bands linked to this made up genre. Here you have a song I don't know where it's going to (or it's been) released although I have the suspicion it'll be on the tape and wait for a future post about his collaborative EP with I Am The Dot.

Boneless - Better.mp3


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