Friday, 8 January 2010


Back in November I made a generic post about Wild Nothing before they released anything on record and talked about this then future single in Captured Tracks that is finally here. Summer Holiday is an original song by Jack Tatum's Wild Nothing that will make every single reviewer compare them to the Pains of Being Pure at Heart if they are less than 20 years old or don't have long term memory or name C86 and British bands from the change of century 80s / 90s if their background is richer. Anyway, we were expecting a bunch of bands with this sound to appear this year, was it for analogy or just because it had to happen, and we expect them to be as good as Wild Nothing that, if the album to be out soon on Captured Tracks as well is up to the expectations, we have here a band that is going to make it in all "best of 2010" end of year lists. Both songs here, Summer Holiday and Vultures Like Lovers, have the sound of a full band playing and although it's supposedly a one-man project, he's preparing with a full band to tour live his songs and have plans of coming to Europe.

Wild Nothing - Summer Holiday.mp3


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