Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Animal Collective have become bigger and bigger through the years, publishing better and more relevant albums, becoming more popular, having great side-projects and all these things without transforming their personality but spreading their sounds and experimenting with different styles. It looks like there's not another band these days that are more personal and relevant as everybody else is in any kind of revival, better or worse, but less innovative for sure. I have seen them many times playing live and most of the times they really don't care what record are presenting at the moment as they usually play the next one, the one they are going to publish two years later. But this time, either they don't have many new songs or they wanted to concentrate in Merrywater Post Pavilion because most of the set was from their last record playing just two older songs, an incredibly long and perfect Fireworks and an up-to-date Leaf House, and what looked like a couple of new songs with some strange hip-hop rhythms that are really promising of new strange directions. And the songs from the last record sounded great, even though I hate the sound quality of the Forum that sometimes makes everything sound like a huge fuzz. They mixed the songs together with long ambient pieces, strange sounds and cacophonies confusing the endings with the beginnings of the songs. And at the center of the stage, one big white ball that held some psychedelic projections viewed by a particularly young and new audience who celebrated mostly the recent songs they discovered through the media exposition of their last release.
The guests bands were the strangely signed by Paw Tracks Dent May, which I sadly was too late to see, and Pantha Du Prince whose perfectionist sound was completely lost because of the shitty sound of the venue.


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