Sunday, 1 March 2009


Kwes, a musician and producer from Lewisham, is maybe the only young new interesting London artist who is not settled east. And maybe that's why it's so difficult to settle him anywhere stylistically. An electronic Arthur Russell, playing with the echo sounds like nobody since him, deconstructing the songs, changing the beats, distorting noises but always with a mellow pop base. Hearts in home is his first single but he's already remixed tracks for Hot Chip and collaborated with/produced Micachu or Dog Bite. The B side, Tissues, is a space-soul ballad.
The single cover is beautiful coloured with embossed graphs and strangelly half-gatefold, the vinyl is transparent and comes with a Cd with both songs.

Released 09/02/09

Kwes - Hearts in Home.mp3


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