Sunday, 22 March 2009


Dog Bite is a one-man-band from Atlanta that according to his MySpace site has probably been signed to Young Turks which is becoming quickly one of the coolest labels in the UK. His only released to date is a virtual free EP you can download for free here:
and it's called The Owls and Eyes. After listening to the EP it's easy to accuse him of having the Panda Bear syndrome as he uses samples, atmospheres, melodies and intonations suspiciously similar to him like in Goodbye Mrs. Fierce that steals everything from Comfy in Nautica. But there's more to Dog Bite as he embraces more folk and acoustic roots in some other tracks but still using loops and repetition in the background. Let's wait and see how he evolutions in future releases.

Dog Bite - On the Air.mp3


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