Friday, 27 March 2009


From time to time there's one voice that sends shivers down your spine and lefts you gooseflesh and Laura Groves' aka Blue Roses has one of these. I can already read the comparisons we'll see in the following months: Joanna Newsom, Bjork, Nancy Elizabeth, Alela Diane or any female voice that can reach high notes and who plays string instruments. This one-sided 7 inch is out in XL/Salvia and it's a beautiful song that sounds out from this world, from another time or place and is the first single from an album to come out anytime this year. She's playing some gigs around the UK during April and I can't wait to check how she takes live the sensibility of her songs which won't be easy as she plays all the instruments and records all background voices.
Released 02/03/09

Blue Roses - Doubtful Comforts.mp3


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