Sunday, 29 March 2009


This is a split record released in the London based label Lost Music which has the slogan "We like music, we like the DIY ethic, we like 7" records, we like c86" and that's why we like this label.

The Morning Paper is a one-man-band from Sweden who is yet another guy in love with shoegaze, Darla and Rocket Girl records, drum machines, static and clean sounds and ambient and doesn't like losing control of his own stuff so that's why he doesn't play live. Always Real reminds of Arktica and The Cure's Disintegration. His first album What We Wish it's just been reissued by Universal in the Philippines (?). And talking about the Philippines, Moscow Olympics are from there which is maybe the most surprising thing about this band as the song is a generic dream pop theme good as morning background music.

Released 26/01/09

The Morning Paper - Always Real.mp3


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