Tuesday, 3 March 2009


The fourth single from Peggy Sue (and the Pirates, Pictures or Triplets in previous editions but now just Peggy Sue), the once duo now trio from Brighton, is released in the legendary Too Pure Singles Club, the only part of Too Pure that still exits as the label was first absorbed by 4AD and disappeared last year for good. And it's proof again that the voices of Katy and Rosa are the best combination of female vocals since Laetitia Sadier and Marie Hansen from Stereolab. Musically they have not changed so much since last year's two double 7 releases (acoustic guitars and ukeleles, accordion, drums...) but these two songs sound more like a band than anything they've made before. They are currently touring the USA but no news of a first album yet even though they have plenty of unpublished songs, but don't think it's anytime soon as the plan for this year is to publish a limited edition of 100 CD every end of the month consisting of demos and covers recorded in one day. Sorry but, at the moment of writing this there are only copies left for November and December.


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