Sunday, 1 March 2009


When I first came across this record it was hung at the back of the counter of Rough Trade West. I checked the record and realised it was published by Merok which complicated even more my decision to buy it or not. It could be really good and interesting like Salem or boring and annoying like Pre. So I listened to it and realised that it's the most playful and happy thing they've ever released. Analog synths, samples, 80's computer game sounds and bright melodies. Portofino is close to the first Mouse on Mars or Dan Deacon with a tropical vibe and A New Image Every Day is an instrumental atmospheric loop with a heartbeat rhythm. A fansite describes this duo from Ohio as rainbow ice-cream and chocolate mint chips like baby animals with nice cars, but better. Right.

Released 22/02/09

Teengirl Fantasy - Portofino.mp3


Bego y David said...

Pues si, tu blog será mi fuente de música aquí en la india, así que no lo abandones.

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