Tuesday, 10 March 2009


We are in front of one of these bands that you know are special from the first second you hear their music. Last year we heard many bands with the Animal Collective syndrome; every review talking about the new records from bands such as Dodos, AU, El Guincho or even Vampire Weekend, used to mention the influence of this band and we knew more were about to come. Probably because we can say that Panda Bear and co have been the most original, changing, compelling and personal band of the noughties, so that's why they're also becoming one of the most influential these days. And Twi the Humble Feather will not scape the comparisons. I would say they actually are mainly influenced by Sung Tongs and their most acoustic period but you can also notice some aspects of bands from Thrill Jokey, nature elements, classical and choral music, children's songs and minimalist composers. They released some CDRs since Friendly Ghost Recordings published Music for Spaceships and Forests, a CD only mini-album with a composition in 5 movements that is surely going to be one of those records people start talking about little by little on-line until they reach a more global success.

Twi the Humble Feather.mp3


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