Saturday, 28 March 2009


Today it's been one year since the release of Factory Floor's first single, Bipolar and some things have change within the band since then: change in band members and a more personal polished sound in their recordings. While with Bipolar was easy to describe their influences (Joy Division, The Fall) with the new EP they've developed a more personal sound even though you can still point at their references. In Planning Application they've got even darker but everything looks more polished and sterilized. The guitars have gone background giving more prominence to the drums on the way Liars did in Drums Not Dead, the ambient indescribable sounds, glimpses, keyboards and samples. Everything kind of scary, but good scary. And many plans for this year with the release of another 7 inch, a Japanese only mini-album and more stuff.

Released 20/10/2008

Factory Floor - Taxidermist.mp3


Anonymous said...

can you post rest of this EP - totally impossible to find it now

Advocatus Diaboli A.D. 64 said...

got mine today from Rough Trade...

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