Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Wavves is the new one-man-band everybody's talking about. An Internet cult hero that sounds like he's coming through the tunnel of time from the 90s, recording demos and selling them on cassette. Little by little, he's gained popularity up to the point that all his releases, until his first album was released this week, are selling for shameful amounts of money on EBay, including the limited single I'm just going to talk about, that was just released two weeks ago and it's already sold out. So yes, we can say that Wavves is like a fuzzy punk lo-fi Beach Boys recorded by Beat Happening with a Walkman after listening to No Age and Deerhunter. So bored is an aspiring summer hit song in winter for a parallel world without X-Factor, and the B-side is also good but you will never know it as you will play the A-side non-stop for days. Strangely addictive.

Released 23/02/09

Wavves - So Bored.mp3


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