Tuesday, 31 March 2009


I couldn't have been less bothered about the new Jack Penate's single if it was not for the headline I read in a newspaper some days ago: "Jack Penate goes balearic". The songs he's published before are close to a pointless generic rockabilly-goes-mainstream I couldn't enjoy less. Mostly moved by curiosity I went and checked his myspace site to listen to the track and found out it was pretty cool. I wouldn't say it's balearic but more of a summer inspired song close to the soft tropical sounds of The Avalanches, Air France or even El Guincho with a samba inspired catchy chorus. If this track doesn't become one of the the Spring/Summer songs, then something's wrong. The B-side of the single is an ambient version of the track perfect for a quiet night out watching the sunset in a terrace by an Ibizan beach. Yes, I know, it's Jack Penate, but I have to say that the first to be surprised it's me. If you don't believe it check it out yourself.

Jack Penate - Tonight's Today.mp3


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