Friday, 1 May 2009


Salem's been the band everybody's talking about for a while and they have many qualities for this to happen: A unique and original sound you recognise in seconds, only three really limited and mostly sold out 7" singles just released, a dark past and bad reputation and they hardly play live. If you put all these ingredients together you already have a myth and if you are actually any good the myth is worth. So then it's the moment to publish a very limited really hard to get only Japanese single and this is the one I'm covering here. Only 300 copies you could only get in a Japanese website impossible to understand or Rough Trade and Pure Groove in London and as far as I know I got the last copy in Pure Groove and it's been sold out in Rough Trade for weeks. So I'm sorry if you didn't get a copy but they promised in their Myspace they will put some up to sell themselves at some point. And these two songs in this singles are worth the £10 I spent on them. While the B Side, Sweat (I), is classic Salem, the A Side, OhK, is the most upbeat radio friendly happy song they've ever published (which in fact doesn't make it any of these things in comparison with something that doesn't make you wanna kill yourself) and opens new horizons of possibilities for future releases.

SALEM - OhK.mp3


Anonymous said...

They are rrrrready to take over the whole place. Like if Sinead O'Connor met good producer and agent after Nothing Compares.

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