Wednesday, 27 May 2009


If you have been following this blog, and I hope you have, you may probably realised that I've been a bit obsessed with most of the releases Capture Tracks, my new favourite label, has been publishing lately. And looking at what is coming, probably this post is not going to be the last about one of their records. The Bitters are from Ontario, Canada, and a side project of Fucked Up's Ben Cook together with Aerin Fogel. They declare their name comes from a straight forward love to Amaro, an Italian drink that means bitter, and they say they are cave pop stars of the future.
The four songs on this record are great but I'm specially in love with Warrior, the first track on this EP. The songs are pretty accessible even the sound is demo quality, and the combination of both voices blend perfectly with Aerin's reminding me of Siouxsie's circa The Scream. And they have a bunch of new things coming up: a new 7' in Capture Tracks in some weeks and many cassettes in different labels.

Released 13/04/09

The Bitters - Warrior.mp3


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