Thursday, 28 May 2009


I had to talk about Chromatic Flights after posting about Blind Man's Colour because this is the side project of Kyle Wyss, one of its members. He says that in his solo project he's urged to create more experimental sounds and I would say it's more electronic based.
He's released three different EPs so far, all free downloads through:
The first two EPs are mainly instrumental bedroom electronica, a bit like early noughties Morr Records but more psychedelic influenced. His last EP Favourite Cat though, and also his most interesting one, has moved forward closer to his other band's sound, incorporating lyrics and more acoustic sounds and dropping beats. I would say that both of Kyle's projects are getting better with time so we can possibly be in front of two bands that will grow little by little in the following years if we keep an eye close.

Chromatic Flights - The Story of the Sun.mp3


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