Wednesday, 27 May 2009


And yet another record from Capture Tracks, this time from the band everybody's talking about at the moment thanks to great reviews of their last album, Songs of Shame, so probably you'll heard of them before. Even one song on this 7',The Dark, was reviewed in Pitchfork receiving an 8 and the category of Best New Music, the same as the album. So probably there's not much more new things I can say about it they haven't said before apart from recommending to buy this record, mainly for the B Side, The Dark, a perfect catchy summer song about hope that is one of their best songs. And I enclose you to check the label that they run themselves called Woodist that has brought us so far releases from Jana Hunter, Kurt Vile, Blank Dogs, Vivian Girls, Wavves or some of their own records.

Released 16/03/09

Woods - The Dark.mp3


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