Wednesday, 6 May 2009


I'm sure that I'm not the only one who has dreamt the impossible mission of dancing in a club to the songs of Beirut, Iron and Wine, Joanna Newsom or Nick Drake which is not only difficult but impracticable unless you want to look like one of these girls who dance with a ball or a long ribbon lace at the gymnastic Olympics. Now this has changed and you can actually do it if somebody dares to play one of Pocketknife's edits (yes, you should know that to call it remixes is so 90s) who manages to dance-orient these bedroom tracks without making a mess and in fact leaving us with the strange sensation they were born to sound like this. And he recently has put them together in a compilation called Tambourine Dream (sorry, CD only) together with some of Cousin Cole's which was first published last year in a very limited edition in the USA but now reissued and available in Pure Grove London and Collette in Paris. The Double CD consists in a first mixed CD perfect to surprise your friends at dinner parties and an extra CD with some of the songs of the first CD in full versions and unmixed. Here you have a taste:

Joanna Newsom - The Book of Right On (Pocketknife Edit).mp3

Nico - I'll Keep it with Mine (Pocketknife Edit).mp3


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Joanna Newsom is a fat slut.

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