Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Yes, it looks like we can never have enough of bands coming from Brooklyn this year, even more if they are pure DIY, Lo-Fi and inspired by Guided By Voices or Beat Happening. And yes, there's a Brooklyn scene or at least this is what it seems from the distance in a year that London is particularly quiet after a couple of years of really interesting new stuff. And this time, once again released by Lost Music, Kevin Alvir (formerly of Lil Hospital) is fronting Knight School, his new project with two more members whose debut The Poor and Needy Need to Party is already a secret sensation. Simple songs and simple arrangements, no production and 14 songs in less than 30 minutes about unpredicted pregnancy, Oprah Winfrey or vampires that are going to transport you on time to the first time you listened to Jamboree or Bee Thousand.

Knight School - Pregnant Again.mp3


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