Thursday, 28 May 2009


Everytime I hear from a project some 19 year olds have that not only doesn't suck but actually is good I kind of feel I threw away all my youth years being lazy, drinking, going out and being unproductive and untalented. So well, here we have another one to make me feel this way as Blind Man's Colour is a project from two guys that still are in their teens and have been making music for a while, some better, some worse, but always trying to find a sound and experiment with different instruments, techniques and sounds. They have been giving out some stuff for free in their blog
that you can still download in form of EPs or single tracks, and they will release their first proper LP in August this year, consisting of new songs not posted in their blog and published by Kanine Records. At first listening you will probably think of Animal Collective, even more if you listen to the three covers they do, but they are also influenced by 60s psychedelic stuff, electronic music or shoegaze, playing keyboards, acoustic guitars, and sampled sounds and distorted voices. Still have to listen to the whole album but the tracks I've heard so far are their best by far. Here you have an advance.

Blind Man's Colour - Heavy Cloud Hustle.mp3


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