Wednesday, 13 May 2009


The Vivian Girls have been lucky. They got a lot of media attention with a couple of singles and one LP and they probably were the first ones who didn't expected. Their music is simple, they don't offer anything new or different from many other bands but they make songs that stay with you forever after a couple of listenings. And they have been touring since they started playing. I was lucky to see them in their first ever non USA gig here in London and the gig was fun even they were incredibly nervous and couldn't believe they were here.
Between gig and gig they have already managed to record their second album to be released later this year. And this single, not sure if it's going to be included in their new record, has been put out this week. And as with many of the new songs I heard at that gig, they have put the tempo a bit down and I have to say it works so well with them. These two songs are the closest they've been to a ballad and are also two of the best tunes they have done.

Released 11/05/09

Vivian Girls - Moped Girls.mp3


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