Tuesday, 12 May 2009


I never was a Belle and Sebastian fan. Actually I never payed much attention to them as I used to hate their fans. Sometimes it takes something as stupid as this not to like a band but this was the case until long after they stopped making any good albums, by the time of their fourth I think, that a friend of mine insisted I should listen carefully to the red album (Belle and Sebastian fans don't call their albums by their names, they do it by the colour of the covers and they also used to wear shirts and ties in Spanish summer festivals at more than 40 degrees) and I really enjoyed it but never aroused my curiosity to check the rest of the records. But now, Stuart Murdoch has a new project, God help the Girl, and I felt I could give it a try. And it feels so Belle and Sebastian from the beginning; the cover is 100% his style, two melancholic girls thinking, but this time is not monochrome, the same as the song on the A side, Come Monday Night, full of string arrangements, pretty 60s sunshine pop with female vocals, pretty catchy and beautiful and pretty "red album though" which I think it's good. The B side though, Howard Jones Is My Mozart, is the most experimental you can imagine this guy to be, being a kind of recited diary page of one of the melancholic girls of the cover, I imagine, with different musical parts of different styles, sometimes more folky, sometimes more jazzy but interesting anyway. And yes, all the songs in this project are going to be sung by girls, none by him, and are supposed to be the soundtrack of a musical film.
Who knows, maybe one of these days I'll try to listen to another colour...

Released 11/05/09
God Help the Girl - Come Monday Night.mp3


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