Monday, 21 September 2009


And this is yet another release from Family Time Records, which is weird as Deep Shit, also known as Deep Sht thanks to auto and outof censorship, is from London. How they contact him or the other way around is a mystery to me but maybe he thought he would probably be more understood in the USA than here in the UK. The release is on Tape as most of the stuff Family Time puts out in the market. I have to say that this new revival of coolness that the cassette tape is having this year is annoying me a bit. I enjoyed CDs for a while when I first got to have a CD player. It was a new format, everything sounded clean, no scratches, and you didn't need to stand up for 70 minutes to change the side of the record. Then, I started to feel nostalgic for the record sound and format and stopped buying CDs, even more when the cold mp3 isolated us from having the concept of a cover, credits, pictures and lyrics for a long time. But we have to remember that tapes were never cool. It was a format you just used for your car, to create mixtapes for your walkmans and friends or to get demo tapes of new bands who still hadn't published anything yet. I think that this revival is fantasising with this last idea, with the concept of hearing something raw and unpublished only you and some more friends or lucky and obstinate searchers could have. But we have to remember how annoying was to rewind the tapes to change the side or look for a song or how we hated when our dodgy player ate and brake the tape we played 10 times in a row.
Anyway, going back to Deep Shit, Weird You, and in particular the track Hector, made me think of a London Little Girls, with all the feedback, drum machine and unintelligible lyrics and maybe the cassette format is not bad at all for this project as it sounds like an old demo tape somebody recorded in his room, which actually this is what it is. Let's wait for a vinyl release though, which is actually going to happen quite soon when Italian Beach Babes publishes the 4 way split single between Deep Sht, Graffiti Island, Ganglians and Cough Cool. Can't Wait

Deep Sht - Hector.mp3


thw said...

weird you comes out as a 7" EP on no pain in pop at the end of this month. bang!

Then God Is 7 said...

Thanks for the tip

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