Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Norse Horse started as a solo project one-man-band by Ryan Beal who was living in Korea at the time and describes the beginnings as influenced by old Thai Music, West African jams, Black Dice, cumbia villera, lots of lo-fi noise pop and the nostalgic memory of a place that wasn't covered in snow. Then he moved back to California and request some help from other people who joined them to create a more tradicional band format but kept on looking for a bit of sunshine in his music. They released last June a CDR and Tape in the highly recommended Secret Geographies label, settled as well in California but are about to release a split single together with Ancient Crux in the even more recommendable La Station Radar label at some point this autumn. Their music is a middle point between tradition and experimentation, combining traditional instruments and tropicalia percussion with noises and voices from far beyond. And you can think everybody is using tropical elements in their music, since Person Pitch, but I'm sure you will realise their approach and use of these elements are pretty personal and far from those used by Mr Panda Bear.

Norse Horse - Sleepers.mp3


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