Friday, 11 September 2009


As it happened before this year, we are again in front of a project that has been growing the attention of the public through blogging before any physical release has been put out, to the point Washed Out is one of the most commented artists online thanks in part to the permanent coverage and attention of Pitchfork, Stereogum and all the kings of music online that, we have to say, are the ones who own and decide the development of music these days (and I don't say this with any kind of bitterness as they made us discover many good bands we could never have the possibility to know).
Washed out, another one-man-project, is Ernest Greene, a guy from Georgia who creates a strangely original music that takes many influences from synth pop, balearic beats, italo-disco and dub and transforms it with a dream-pop lo-fi production that generates a sound that makes you feel like you forgot his tape inside the car, under the sun, and then tried to play it in a mono walkman you bought on sale about to run out of batteries. If this happened to you during the 80s, you know what I mean. If not, and you didn't get the image, just listen to the tracks and maybe you will get it then. Life of Leisure, his first EP, has been out for a month digitally only, and will have a proper physical release in October while, High Times will be out next Tuesday the 15Th on cassette only through Mirror Universe but they promise they will post it as a download once they run out of the 200 tapes, which I calculate will be before lunch time. Here you have a track for each release to make you an idea.



Songs removed by request, sorry



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