Wednesday, 23 September 2009


There's not much information about Kindness in the web. I've read it's basically one guy from Germany with a little help from friends who has only played two gigs so far with different band members and has two more programmed in the following days. He's a fan of Arthur Russell which is palpable, if not so much in this forthcoming first single, at least it is in some compositions you can play on his Myspace, which I really recommend you to listen. Most of them are unfinished demos or sketches or finished songs that sound like sketches. Between them you can find two great covers, Neil Young's Tell Me Why and a beautiful rendition to the version Anita Dobson made of the Eastenders tune in 1986, Anyone Can Fall in Love. This single, to be released by Moshi Moshi in two weeks, it's a Replacements cover that sounds like a collaboration between Junior Boys and Talking Heads. It looks like if DFA had something to do with the tune which they hadn't and could open a door to the future sound of the band but something makes me think he will surprise us again in the future, taking into account the variety in styles and approaches he takes in all his songs. The hypnotic result of this song has had me playing this song on repeat for a day and I'm still far from getting tired. I hope it has the same effect on you.

Released 05/10/09

Kindness - Swinging Party.mp3


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