Monday, 7 September 2009


I remember when I first heard about the word House referring to music in the 80s being my first memory of associating this word to a song Joe Smooth's Promised Land. Then it came the Acid and New Beat period that made me be interested in dance music for a while until I discovered bands like Pixies and Sonic Youth that made me forget and even reject anything dance-oriented or slightly electronic. And later I discovered Warp records with bands like Autechre and Aphex Twin that helped me to be reconciled with electronic music and understand that experimentation could also be associated with beats and machines and I opened my mind to the concept that music should not be linked to what you use to create it but to the final result.
And if there's been a label in the noughties that represents what Warp did with dance or electronic music to the 90s, although with a totally different approach, that's been DFA. They hardly have released a bad record and have conciliate some genres of the past with the present and future of modern dance music.
And two of the latest releases they've put out are among their bests. I'm refereeing to Still Going's Spaghetti Circus and James Curd's We Just Won't Stop. While the first one takes us to the first House anthems with a serious approach and delivers this year's Happy House, the second one takes a more fun-oriented hip-house approach: both tunes steal from the past but never with a retro spirit, always trying to create new things and looking forward. The proof is Still Going's tune's been out for just two weeks and I've heard it twice, one of them in last weekend's Disco Bloodbath.

James Curd - We Just Wont Stop.mp3


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