Monday, 14 September 2009


And if I covered Chaz's main project Toro y Moi I surely had to mention one of his side projects, Les Sins, more dance and electronic oriented than his main project. Getting influence from French House and Disco his music under this name it's far from the mostly pop tunes of Toro y Moi but also have this dreamy and sunshine spirit and the strange sensation something wrong happened to the tape it was recorded on. The bpms are overflowing the songs, the sound seems to have been manipulated up to the point the songs work in loops of volume and quality of sound and repetition is used in excess but all these thing work in favour of the final result of the songs, increasing the originality and separating them of just a revival of bands like Cassius or Stardust. Lina, one of the songs you can listen to on his myspace, is pure house-pop you could dance in a summer disco if you were able to go back in time 10 years and it had a proper production, so don't expect to listen to it anywhere anytime soon apart from your own house parties.

Les Sins - Lina.mp3


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