Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Ela Orleans is a Polish woman who moved to Glasgow in order to develop a music career. Then she moved to NY and continue creating music collaborating with different experimental artists and released her first solo album last year. This month she publishes her second record, Lost, in French label La Station Radar and it promises to be amazing. She sounds like a modern Nico, even the cover of the album can remind vaguely to Nico's Chelsey Girls, but her voice is not as deep as hers and her music is not as extremely dramatic or apocalyptic as Nico's latest work. Ela's method of work is close to experimentation; most of her songs are worked through a sampled loop where she adds her vocals and some guitars or violins on top leading to the conclusion that she can make the songs by accident and work from there until she has a final result of something she's pleased with. The record is limited to 500 copies and possibly only available on line. I have the impression nobody is going to comment this release and it's going to be completely ignored which is a shame as I think it's pretty original and would please many people out there.

Ela Orleans - Something Higher.mp3


ela orleans said...

hi, this is ela... the label is doing good distribution work, so there is no need to worry. thanks!

Then God Is 7 said...

Hi Ela. Wish you the best with the record. I really enjoy your music and hope you come to London one of these days and have the opportunity of seeing you live.

Anonymous said...

I would love to play there (in London)... Will be on tour in France / Scotland in February, so maybe something can be done here... EO

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