Thursday, 17 September 2009


HTRK, which should be pronounced Hate Rock, are a trio from Melbourne who may hate rock, or maybe the classic concept of it as they are closer to avant-garde sounds, darkness, repetition and hypnotism through the music they perform. Earlier this year they published their second album, Marry Me Tonight, and a couple of months ago they released a download only single from it through the mainly dedicated to 10 inch tribute records to Suicide label Blast First (petite)Italic. Disco, one of my favourite tracks from the album has Jonnine reciting / singing on top of a drum beat and some guitars and fuzz. It's a sexy and hypnotic tune to dance to if you had one too many tranquilizers. It's a shame it doesn't have a physical release, I would love to have it on a 7 inch.
They are about to tour with Fuck Buttons and Factory Floor through Europe and the UK and, taking into account the comments I've read around the web, they promise to be an experience not easy to forget, melting the songs together and taking their sound to limits of noise and primary sensations.

Released 27/07/09

HTRK - Disco.mp3


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