Thursday, 3 September 2009


Yeti Magazine is an irregular publication it's been on for nearly a decade although they've just released seven numbers so far. You can only get it online and it's about, saying it on their own words, "a general interest magazine for people with marginal interests. Subjects covered include literature, film, unicorns, the stock market, black science fiction writers, Swedish trance-folk bands from the '60s, the roots of Alfred Jarry's Pere Ubu character, John Denver, horror vacuui drawings, streetcorner gospel musicians, sex and comic art".

Every single number comes with an 80 min CD with rare and unreleased tracks from the most interesting artists of the moment. I just discovered the magazine with the last issue, Yeti Seven, and some of the artists included are Dum Dum Girls, Woods, Crystal Stilts, Nodzz, Zola Jesus, Christmas Island, Grouper, and a total of 25 artists including some of the most interesting artists to have emerged this year in the American underground, the magazine is settled in Oregon, but also some international stuff including pop, punk, blues and whatever they think it's interesting. They promise that now the magazine is going to have a periodicity of three numbers per year so just waiting to see what are they going to have in number eight, to be published in October. you can get the magazine or subscribe to four numbers at

Here you have a couple of songs they included in the magazine to make you want to have more.

Nancy Dupree - Docta King.mp3

Zola Jesus - Clay Bodies.mp3


april5k said...

that's so funny that you posted this today! i just got my copy of issue 7 in the mail last night!

Mike McGonigal said...

Thanks for the plug! New issue out around Halloween time, yes.
--Mike McGonigal

Then God Is 7 said...

Hi April! Maybe we are mind-connected? How's everything going with your band?

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