Thursday, 10 June 2010


Bake Sale are a really young band from Memphis (their Myspace was created in February this year) that they may or may not have take their name from one of the best albums from the 90s, Sebadoh's Bakesale. I didn't actually thought about it until I started listening to Meanwhile, a track which guitar chords reminded me of Temptation Tide or other half tempo songs from that record, at least the beginning of the song because, once the voices start, the general feeling changes completely into a more melancholic and mellow song, thanks to the vocals of Natalie and Charlotte. Prom Song, the other song you can hear on their site is a more 60s based ballad that sounds, well, very prom song.
Friends with Magic Kids, they have planned a gig with them soon, but no other plans announced so far.

Bake Sale - Meanwhile.mp3


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