Thursday, 10 June 2010


Caged Animals is the alter ego of Yellow Malrone that is as well the alter-ego of Vincent Cioffe Cacchione, before known for his work with Soft Black. Lost already? Well, his music is so varied and taking completely different directions and styles that I wouldn't be surprised if all those different names actually hide a split personality disorder. As it's mentioned on the biography part of his Myspace "One part freudian slip and two parts acid casualty; the first offering from Caged Animals oscillates wildly between musical personae and motif. Creating a technicolor palette where all of this prolific Brooklyn songwriter's split personalities exist in equal proportion."
He's just released his first album last month on Tape which I think is already sold out but you can still get the digital files on here. Between the 12 songs of the album we can listen from perfect pop songs like Hazy Girls or Floating Underground with the Stars to experiments like The Way it Feels to be Hunted that sounds like how would Joanna Newsome sing after inhaling helium or how would your cat sing if it could.

Caged Animals - Floating Underground With The Stars.mp3

Caged Animals - The Way It Feels To Be Hunted.mp3


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I'm in love with Yellow Malrone

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